'Frisbee Dog' is one of the games in Wii Sports Resort. It is already unlocked in the beggining of the game, under the Frisbee category.


Upon starting for the first time, a practice game will teach you the basics. The object of Frisbee Dog is to either throw the frisbee in the target area, pop the ballons, or both. In practice mode, you will have infinite turns to throw the frisbee into the target, same as the balloons. After getting a target or popping atleast one baloons, you will get to play regularly.

First, you will throw to the ground targets. After throwing in the target, the dog will catch it. Upon bringing it back, another target will appear and you will throw again. For each of the last 5 throws a baloon depicting a number will appear between you and the target. Popping this balloon will give you the said number of points. The closer you are to the middle of the target, the more points you will get.


Left Arm Thrust + B = Throwing the frisbee left

Right Arm Thrust + B = Throwing the frisbee right

B + Pointer on Frisbee = Grabbing the frisbee from the dog during closeup after return.

This game requires only the Wiimote with the Wii Motion Plus add-on. Also, as with other Wii games, you should wear the safety wrist strap, along with having a large space around you with no things that could hurt you or break.


It is shown on the back cover of the Wii Sports Resort game box.

Currently, buying a Wii will come with a bonus Wii Sports Resort.